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5 Facts About Dental Implants

You Should Know

On the basis of longevity, dental implants are arguably the most reliable treatment for tooth loss. They are held in the jawbone just like natural teeth and do not necessitate the reshaping of adjacent teeth to fit in. If you have a pending appointment with a dentist in Bolton to get an implant surgery, you may understandably be curious about what the procedure is really about and what to brace for. Below are five of the most interesting facts about dental implants and what they mean to the patient:

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5 Facts Are:

Fact #1 – They are biocompatible

Natural teeth may not have a perfect substitute out there, but nothing comes as close to achieving that as dental implants. The components are made of titanium which gradually fuses with the jawbone to become part of your jaw. This helps to ensure your new prosthetic tooth doesn’t shift around over time or irritate the surrounding bone or gums. If well taken care of, implants can outlast your natural teeth.

Fact #2 – The surgery is highly successful

Despite being fairly complex, dental implant procedures are very unlikely to be unsuccessful. The treatment has been around for decades and has immensely benefitted from the technological advancements of the 21st century.

Before performing the procedure on you, a qualified Bolton dentist will take you through a series of tests to get acquainted with your tooth loss and use the facts to create an informed treatment plan. Note that the treatment’s modus operandi may vary depending on the circumstances of your tooth loss and the health of your jawbone and the surrounding gum tissues.

Fact #3 – Dental implants can be used for a series of missing teeth

Unlike in the past where implants could only be used to fix cases of single missing teeth, your dentist can now use implants to treat multiple missing teeth regardless of their position on the jawline. Even if you have lost all your teeth, you can secure your new set of permanent teeth using just four implants per arch.

Fact #4 – Dental implants can increase your lifespan

According to studies, people without teeth live an average of ten years less than people with most of their teeth. This is because people who don’t have their natural teeth have a limited pool of foods to choose from, which automatically debars them from enjoying nutrients found in the foods they can’t eat. Dental implants feel like natural teeth and restore your chewing ability without compromising your appearance. Regardless of the number of missing teeth in your mouth, you can always count on implants to fix your chewing difficulties.

Fact #5 – Implants prevent bone loss

Unlike bridges which may use adjacent teeth for support, implants are cemented directly in the jawbone to replace the lost tooth root. Note that when you lose a tooth root, the underlying bone lacks stimulation and slowly begins to atrophy. An implant will mimic the stimulation of the missing tooth root on your jawbone and prevent further deterioration. Perhaps that is why your dentist would recommend you receive an implant as early as possible following the loss of a tooth.


Quality Dentistry
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Quality Dentistry
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Quality Dentistry
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301 Queen st south, unit 3c, Bolton Ontario L7E 2B1

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