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Children’s Dentist Bolton Caledon

Making Dental Care Fun and Easy for Kids

Our children’s dentist in Bolton & Caledon are fully dedicated to meeting the oral health needs of children. We offer dental care for children from infancy through their teenage years. Since children at different stages of development require a different approach when it comes to dental care,  will offer guidance for proper dental growth and development, as well as helping them take steps to maintain optimal dental hygiene.

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Dental care for toddlers

From as early as 4 months, a child may start developing their first primary teeth. The 20 primary teeth usually appear by the time the child is around age 2-3, with the first adult teeth appearing around age 6-7. However, children develop teeth at varying paces and orders. It is important to maintain healthy baby teeth, as they are crucial in proper development of adult teeth and space maintenance, in addition to speech, function, and aesthetic of a child’s smile.

When the first baby teeth begin to appear, a soft washcloth or soft brush may be used to clean the teeth, preferably twice a day and after feeding. A small amount (size of a green pea) of non fluoridated toothpaste may be used, and once the child is old enough to spit, they may graduate to a fluoridated toothpaste. Avoid tooth pastes and polishes that contain harsh abrasives. Most young children are not able to brush on their own so having an adult help out or supervise is always recommended.

Dentist for Children in Bolton & Caledon

The first signs of malocclusions or bad bites could begin to show even at the stage of baby dentition. Certain issues with dental growth, if caught early, can be easily fixed and reduce the need for major dental procedures being done at a later age. Our dentists will look out for signs of bad bites,

underdeveloped dental arches, early loss of primary teeth, or habits such as thumb sucking which can lead to alignment issues. Interceptive treatment when growth and development is on our side is key to prevention of anticipated issues during dental development.


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles

301 Queen st south, unit 3c, Bolton Ontario L7E 2B1

When to take your child for the first dental visit?

An excellent time for a child’s first dental visit would be when their first teeth begin to appear. It is very important to establish an appropriate dental health care routine for your child from as early as age one. A first visit usually entails meeting the dentist and staff, accustoming the child to a dental environment and check ups, and oral hygiene / dietary instructions.

There are also ways to make the first dental visit more enjoyable and comfortable for your child. Do not use words that will cause your child to develop unnecessary fear before visiting the dental clinic such as a needle or hurt. Children often fear dental clinics because of the message that was conveyed to them earlier on . Most importantly, visit a kid-friendly dental clinic that will do all it takes to make your child feel relaxed and have a pleasant experience.

At Smiles on Queen, we provide a comfortable environment for children’s dentistry. Consider all your child’s dental health care needs met by our gentle and friendly dentists.

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