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Cosmetic and Dental

Reasons to Wear Braces

If you still think braces are for kids and teens, you’re wrong. Most adults seek orthodontic treatments for many reasons. Some of them want to enhance their smiles or even correct misaligned teeth. Others use braces to improve their overall dental health and improve their smile and self-esteem. Here are the dental and cosmetic reasons you should wear braces.

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Reasons to Wear Braces

Braces can fix malocclusions

Malocclusions refer to misalignment of teeth. Overbites and under-bites are the most common malocclusions. In the case of an overbite, your upper jaw appears to protrude, and your lower molars are positioned posteriorly. On the other hand, an under-bite is a case where your molars appear to be positioned interior, and your lower jaw appears to protrude to the front. If left untreated, both overbites and under-bites can result in severe pain and in worst cases, hinder the proper functioning of your teeth.

Braces fix teeth spacing issues

Some individuals have a perfect bite but are still uncomfortable due to a lot of space between their teeth or crowded teeth. There are many causes of big spaces in between your teeth. For instance, having a larger jaw or small teeth can cause spacing issues. While some people love these spaces between their teeth, others seek cosmetic dentistry services from a reputable Bolton dentist to fix this issue.

Crowded teeth

Your teeth can appear crossed over or crowded if you lost your baby teeth too early or because you indulged in habits like sucking your thumb. Having crossed or crowded teeth isn’t good for several health reasons. For instance, it’s challenging to clean crowded teeth, and that increases the chances of tooth decay.

When the crowded teeth problem isn’t fixed in time, it can result in severe periodontal diseases. Besides, crowded teeth are associated with an improper bite which wears them down. The worn out teeth can eventually break, and broken teeth create enough room for gum infections and cavities. Thus, it’s wise to visit a dentist in Bolton and get braces to correct crowded teeth problems.


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles

301 Queen st south, unit 3c, Bolton Ontario L7E 2B1

Boost your confidence

Most people are unhappy with their current teeth appearance. They avoid smiling or shy away from various conversations. This negatively affects the way they present themselves in professional and social gatherings. Braces and other cosmetic dental procedures can help straighten your teeth and eventually, you will achieve the great smile you have always wanted.

Your options for any orthodontic treatment will vary when it comes to braces that are majorly made for structural versus cosmetic purposes. Most of the quick or clear options like clear aligners might not work well in fixing more complicated orthodontic issues the way conventional braces can. Though traditional braces are not as attractive as the clear aligners, you will have a straight, beautiful smile at the end of your treatment.

While many people associate braces with awkward teens, they can be an effective method of fix misaligned teeth and boosting your self-esteem as they straighten teeth for a better smile.

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