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Lip Augmentation/Fillers

A beautiful smile is always framed by beautiful lips. Due to aging, sun exposure, smoking and other environmental factors, collagen fibers in the lips can break down, causing your lips to look thinner and down-turned, and giving you an overall tired or angry appearance. Whether you would like to restore your lips to their former youthful volume, or you were simply born with thinner lips and would like a bit more volume to balance your face, lip fillers are a great, reversible, safe and effective option to give you that perfect smile.

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What Are Lip Fillers?

Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, produced naturally in the body and found in higher concentrations in the skins of younger people. Fillers offer a non-invasive cosmetic option that can add volume to thinned out lips and enhance the production of the body’s natural collagen. The treatment is also used to restore collagen loss by stimulating the body to create its own.

This cosmetic treatment is not recommended for people who are on some blood thinners. Your family dentist will review your medical history carefully and discuss the side effects of the procedure with you before beginning. To avoid unsatisfactory results, we explain to the client every aspect of the procedure including the side effects. This helps our patients to enjoy a pleasant experience free from complications.

Are You a Candidate For Lip Fillers in Bolton?

You do not need special eligibility qualifications for dermal fillers Bolton. You are free to sign up for the procedure if you have thin lips because of your genetic background or you want to enhance your looks. Most of our clients prefer to have fuller lips, thus choosing the augmentation process. We assure subtle results that still give attractive pouts and defined lips.

We also have clients whose lip volume recede with age. You can have them refreshed to regain the youthful plump you lost. Other candidates want to rectify the lip asymmetry or get a more pronounced cupid’s bow shape.

Talk to us if you are thinking about lip augmentation. We will discuss the category you fall in as a candidate and ensure you get the most suitable assistance.

Are You a Candidate For Lip Fillers in Bolton

Lip Fillers Benefits

Having fuller lips comes with many advantages, especially when you get the subtle results that we offer. The procedure never takes long – you get the new appearance in less than an hour. Other benefits include:

  • Longevity – the duration before the need for retreatment depends on the type of filler, but be sure it won’t be soon
  • You get the desired results immediately
  • You become more attractive
  • The procedure guarantees fuller and more defined lips
  • Short recovery period
  • You get the option of incremental additions, which means the lip size increases over an extended timeframe
  • It makes the lips look younger, especially the lips thinned due to ageing
  • It provides the option of smoothening lip lines during the augmentation process
  • Minimal side effects that do not last long. The common one is minor swelling.
  • Patients retain control of the lip volume they want
  • The chances of dealing with an allergic reaction are very minimal

Your dentist is knowledgeable in all the structures of the face and mouth, and often spends a long time studying the way your particular teeth and gums look, how your smile pulls up and contours your teeth, and how your lips balance your overall face. The mouth is, after all, a dentist’s specialty. Therefore, who better to trust with your lips than someone who knows your smile best?

Does it hurt?

Fortunately, dentists are experts in anaesthetizing your lips before the procedure, as they do it all day long for dental procedures. Therefore, lip augmentation can be done in a pain-free way. You should, however, expect some swelling and minor bruising in the days following your filler injections, until the lips take their final ideal shape. Lip fillers will typically last between 9 to 12 months depending on your body’s metabolism, your lifestyle, and the amount of filler placed. And of course, since the procedure is reversible, if you decide afterwards that they just aren’t for you, they can be melted away with a single injection.

How Do You Start with Lip Fillers Treatment in Bolton

How Do You Start with Lip Fillers Treatment in Bolton?

Lip augmentation is undoubtedly one of our best procedures in Bolton, so the steps should not scare you. However, we understand that you need to know what you will undergo before the actual procedure. Therefore, you can contact our doctor for a one-on-one consultation session if you have any questions. We will provide all the answers and address your concerns.

You may undergo a quick assessment of the lips as part of the consultation. It ensures we devise the best improvement option. We also review your medical history and ask about medications you might be using. Ensure you disclose previous surgeries you may have had.

We encourage patients to carry images that inspire them. If you have a few collections from magazines, online platforms, or other sources, share them to show us the aesthetics you want.


Will My Lip Fillers Look NaturalWill My Lip Fillers Look Natural?

The lip augmentation outcome depends on the skills of the doctor performing it. Some may overfill the lips, leading to unnatural results, while others can be perfect. We never take unnecessary risks with our patients. We will use customized augmentation to ensure you get the best results. It allows us to enhance your natural beauty. The change becomes so subtle and unnoticeable.

How Long Do Lip Fillers LastHow Long Do Lip
Fillers Last?

Different lip fillers have different lifespans. Most of them can remain in place for approximately six months, after which they start to dissolve. The change is gradual – you will notice it over a prolonged period. It is advisable to get an injection of more fillers after at least six months if you want to retain the new look throughout.

Are There Any Side Effects from Lip Fillers TreatmentAre There Any Side Effects from Lip Fillers Treatment?

Lip augmentation does not have a lot of risks. The fillers are less likely to cause an adverse reaction because they contain naturally occurring components. Even so, some minimal side effects might occur. Examples include swelling and bruising of the lips. You may also feel a slight discomfort at the injection site during and after the procedure. However, the effects do not last long – they recede after three days.

It is important to note that augmentation may trigger a breakout for people with cold sores. As such, we will not do the procedure if you have herpes at the time. In addition, going ahead may cause further complications that could be harmful to you.

We care about the safety and well-being of our patients. That is why we have surgeons with experience in the most advanced procedures.


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles

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