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Sedation Dentistry – Now Available at our Cosmetic Nobleton

Dental Office!

Gently rest through your treatment with professional sedation from a registered anesthesiologist.

Your Cosmetic Dentist in Nobleton

Led by Dr. Hung and Dr. Norsen a married couple, Smiles on Queen Dentistry has professional dentists who will cater for even the most challenging needs. We provide numerous dental, therapeutic, and cosmetic services via the use of effective/safe technology, high-quality materials, and digital x-rays characterized by low exposure. To boost that, we have gained massive experience because of caring for all kinds of patients including the elderly, children, and adults male/female.

Some of the services we provide include restorative work, bleaching, dental implants, dentures, smile rejuvenation including bonding and veneers, orthodontics, children’s dentistry, non-surgical lip argumentation, holistic dentistry, tension headache treatment plus TMJ,  Botox and root canal.

Additionally, we use oral sedation or laughing gas where one has a phobia of being at the dentist. Whether you have an aching tooth that you want to be removed or it’s your child needing a straighter smile, book a consultation at Smiles on Queen Dentistry to receive the most outstanding cosmetic dentistry services in Nobleton.

Personalized Cosmetic Dental  Services in Nobleton

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are embarrassed or self-conscious about your smile, then we are your go-to guys.

Many people go about life covering their mouths when smiling, laughing, or talking. Lacking an authentic solution can make these people feel stuck. For some, the solutions they have found are too invasive or expensive.

Enter Smiles on Queen and such problems are gone. We provide effective, safe, and affordable dentistry cosmetic services, designed to fit every patient’s lifestyle and budget. When you reach out to us expect a tailor-made service that fits your specific idea about what is beautiful and budget friendly.


Children’s Dentistry

We are specialists who are committed to fulfilling children’s dental needs. Our children’s dental care is applicable for infants up to teenagers.

The reason why we apply dissimilar dental care approaches while providing proper guidance is because we know kids develop differently through various stages. We also have toddler’s dental care and orthodontic treatment.

The objective at Smiles on Queen is to make a child’s dental care easy and fun.


Dental Implants

Smiles on Queen Dentistry is the place to visit if you have a missing tooth or one that is in need of repair. We have implants designed to restore the confidence of every patient who comes to us.

The procedure entails placing into your jaw, a titanium cylinder that replicates your tooth’s root. Consecutively, a crown denture (specially made), replaces your missing tooth on top.

All our dental implants completely merge with mouth bones and are for patients looking for a solution that enables them to smile or chew as if they have original teeth. Likewise, these implants can replace just one tooth or many of them.


Dental Fillings

Our dentists also offer dental restorations to all kinds of patients in Nobleton. It is our joy to restore the function, morphology and integrity of all missing tooth structures.

We have dental filling treatments entailing both indirect and direct restorations. Direct restoration entails the use of a malleable filling to build up a prepared tooth while indirect filling is where a fabricated restoration material is used. We shape this fabricated material using the impressions of the prepared tooth.



General Dentistry


Tension Headaches / TMJ

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants

Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Nobleton

Children’s dentistry: Our dentists have a reputation for professional and trustworthy dental services. With additional pediatrics training and years of experience in bringing healthy smiles, we make your child feel at ease and also enjoy coming back for future dental services. We have a personal dedication to excellent dental care for children. If you need a pediatric dentist in Nobleton, schedule an appointment with us today.

Emergency dental care: One thing you cannot schedule is a toothache or tooth injury. That is why we are available round the clock to offer the emergency dental care that you need. Don’t go through the blinding pain alone. Give us a call if you have any dental emergency. Our emergency services often include same-day appointments. We will attend to you promptly and offer the urgent care that you need.

Dental checkups and cleanings: Our clinic is committed to offering our esteemed patients with state-of-the-art dental care in an environment that is fun, unique and comfortable. Our primary mission is to restore your smile by fixing aesthetic issues and keeping your teeth at their best health. Our services are safe, affordable and effective. We work hard to match your lifestyle and budget.

Dental fillings: Our team is highly trained and experienced in matters dental fillings. We are the most highly recommended clinic thanks to our expert teeth restorative procedures. Our service starts with a thorough examination of your teeth. Understanding the problem enables us to provide the right filings. Thanks to our years of experience and training, offering personalized dental care is what we do best.

Dental extractions: Do you need a professional and pain-free tooth extraction in Nobleton? Come to our clinic. Our dentists are highly trained and have sufficient experience to make the process ouch-free. Whether you need a decaying or a wisdom tooth pulled out, we will make you feel completely at ease by taking all the steps needed to reduce the discomfort.

Dental crowns and bridges: What is limiting your smile? Is it the shape or color of your teeth? Our dental crowns and bridges will help fix the broken, cracked and missing teeth. The best thing about this procedure is that it will restore your teeth permanently. If what you need is natural dental crowns and bridges, give us a call today. We are here for you.

Dentures: We are denture specialists. Dentures are for patients who need removable prosthetic treatments for missing teeth. For the best results, our team relies on advanced technology and tested techniques. Whether you need partial or full dentures, our staff will help find the best fit for your dental issue and mouth. We will also educate you on how to care for dentures.

Sedation dentistry: If what you are looking for is an anxiety free experience in dental care, this treatment is designed just for you. The treatment will relieve stress, create a lulling effect and reduce your anxiety. We recommend this treatment to the nervous patients. Our mission as a premier dental clinic is to offer friendly and high-quality services that our patients will love.

Root canal therapy: We recommend this service when there is an infection or inflammation in the root of your tooth. The treatment is for a painful or dead tooth whose nerve has been infected. Our treatment will help preserve your affected tooth.

Oral cancer screenings: Routine checkups include screening for oral cancer and oropharyngeal. We keep an eye on any sign of cancer, precancerous or pathology conditions. Contact us for oral cancer screening.

Why Choose Us?

From lip augmentation to children’s dentistry, implants to orthodontics and tension headache treatments, Smiles on Queen provides not only safe but also very effective services that will meet all your family’s needs.

Having treated patients of all ages and in every demographic, Dr. Hung and his wife Dr. Norsen understand that every client comes with different desires/needs. While one patient wants a complete smile makeover, the other requires only pain alleviation but both deserve maximum care and attention.

At Smiles on Queen, we first assess patients to provide them with sound advice relating to preferable treatment options plus the risks and benefits of each. This, in turn, assists clients to make informed decisions when choosing a treatment. Our main aim is to keep patients untroubled as we make their teeth healthy. Therefore, you will not be judged or pressured, neither will you feel uncomfortable at Smiles on Queen.

The dentists at our clinic limit themselves to body-safe biocompatible paraphernalia, low-exposure digital radiographs, top-notch quality products and amalgam-free filings. Furthermore, adhering to the highest standards of safety is the tradition at Smiles on Queen Dentistry.

We have sterilization practices that are not only stringent but also transparent. Moreover, the personnel at out dentistry have the required certification in addition to undergoing full training.

The days when kids used to feel anxious when visiting a dentist are long gone. This is because the mantra at Smiles on Queen is gentleness.

Since we understand that even very stout hearts are afraid of unknown experiences, we have deliberately created one of the most cozy dentistry environments for kids. We utilize behavioral methods, “show and tell,” and laughing gas where the patient is extra squirmy.

Seniors are more than welcome to visit our clinic. We have senior discounts on various procedures.

When it comes to aging gums or teeth, Dr. Norsen and Dr. Hung have extensive experience that helps deal with any type of dental issue. Depending on a senior person’s medical need and condition, these two doctors formulate a treatment plan that keeps teeth healthy for a long time.

For replacement of teeth that cause issues, this treatment plans are paramount. Our doctors are experts when it comes to the challenges seniors face which include dry mouth, trouble chewing, excessive wear, gum recession, altered state sensation, tooth fracture, osteoporosis, and huge failing amalgam buildups.

Smiles on Queen will also coordinate with a patient’s denturist to make sure the treatment plan enhances eating, speaking, and all other mouth functions.

Learning Centre for Dental Care in Nobleton


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Read Our Reviews

Daniel Hardison
Daniel Hardison
14:07 17 Feb 18
I am beyond grateful to the staff at the Smiles On Queen. I until the past 6 months had allowed my health and especially my dental health to rapidly decline. I had avoided the dentist for close to a decade and had a lot of fear, shame and embarrassment regarding the state of my teeth. From the moment I entered the office and furthermore on my call to book my appointment I was met with a degree of compassion and understanding that quite honestly has left me overwhelmed. The care, patience and expertise of the hygienist was extraordinary. Additionally the receptionist was equally as kind and understanding. Thank you - you have done so much for my self esteem - I can smile again without having to worry about the appearance of my teeth. I would highly recommend this office to anyone.
Aaron J. Jones
Aaron J. Jones
08:09 20 Feb 18
I was referred to this office by a friend because they offer IV sedation. I was very anxious at the dentist before but I was able to remove my wisdom teeth and I did not feel pain or discomfort. The dentist Dr. Lawrence was confident and told me what I was to expect afterward in terms of minor swelling and they also told me to come back if I have any problems but I am fine and happy. Overall I am happy this office was able to see me and they are great.
Julia Austerlitz
Julia Austerlitz
16:40 14 Feb 18
This dental office is staffed with some of the best people you will ever meet. First of all I would like to say that I’m really afraid dentists (I think its dentistophobia 😊), I've been to over 5 different ones with the same negative results from all. My mother is a cancer survivor and suggested that I check out her dental I did. I was greeted by a team of fantastic people concerned with nothing but my well being. These people are angels sent here to help others in a time of difficulty, it is, honestly an absolutely amazing place.
phillipa cam
phillipa cam
17:50 26 Feb 18
My experience with both Dr Hung and Dr Norsen has been great and their office staff are very welcoming! I was well informed in details of my treatments and felt safe and secure for them to perform it. Both dentist are very gentle and does a phenomenal job. I was happy with my filling when it was done and I'd recommend these guy to every one. 😄
James Edwards
James Edwards
04:00 26 Feb 18
This was by far one of the best dental experiences I've ever had. I have a huge fear of the dentist and was open about my fears upon arrival. Dr. Norsen was kind, caring and catered to my needs and phobia. I 100% recommend this dental facility. I also felt nothing while receiving my fillings and I'm very hard to freeze and had a lot of work that needed to be done. Over all an awesome experience for the dentist.
Gina Tracey
Gina Tracey
04:17 25 May 19
Best service and best dental work ever!! I highly recommend this dentist for all your needs. Not only do they do an amazing job on your teeth and have the latest technology, the staff and dentists are amazing and make you feel welcome Without a doubt one of the best dentist establishments I have ever been too. They go above and beyond to ensure you have a great experience
Michael Ledesma
Michael Ledesma
00:17 26 Apr 19
This place has such an amazing staff. The minute you walk in through the door all the way to surgery. I'm not usually the biggest fan of dentists but Dr. Hung made my wisdom teeth removal so smooth and calm that I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm usually anxious and overwhelmed walking into a dentists' office but it was not the same in this situation. Really happy to have chosen this place to work with me taking out my wisdom teeth. Just absolutely amazing.
00:04 21 Dec 18
The best dentist I've been to in my life. Modern systems and tools with an extraordinary staff that do an amazing job of explaining what is happening to your teeth. They are well versed with techniques and strategies to help you maintain excellent oral hygiene. Kind, courteous and professional every step of the way from reception to the chair. Affordable and transparent with their billing so you wont have to worry about hidden costs or extra charges.
Mark Burleigh
Mark Burleigh
07:00 04 Dec 18
By far the best dentistry I’ve been to in my 45 years of life . Both dentists are extremely professional, honest and moral. Very modern and beautiful clinic. Super nice and helpful staff. Insurance claims handled well. My wife and kids are already patients here. Highly recommended to every one.
Stella Baret
Stella Baret
12:55 15 Dec 18
Me, my husband and my daughter were in the clinic for the first time last week. The place is well equipped, organized and clean. Every procedure performed was explained with clarity and attention and we felt very safe. I don’t want to go anywhere else. The staff and doctors are very kind and gentle, amazing experience!
Tyler Burke
Tyler Burke
13:03 25 Nov 19
I have transferred to Dr. Norsen’s office about a year ago. Great office, good dentist, hygienist, and staff are fantastic! They have all the technology and great patient care. It's all about the staff... and they are great! Great Work and always a pleasant experience. Would recommend to friends and family!
Bob Jones
Bob Jones
00:35 24 Nov 19
We've been bringing our son here for several months now and cannot say enough about how happy we are with the service and treatment provided. Dr. Hung is very friendly and knows how to approach kids. I would recommend this dental office.
Sabrina Tsetsonis
Sabrina Tsetsonis
14:35 25 Aug 19
I highly recommend Smiles on Queen Dentistry. The staff is amazing and friendly.Dr. Hung makes every process easy, explains step by step each process he is working on and makes me feel at ease. Myself and family always have a positive experience each time we visit.
Domenic DeFrancesco
Domenic DeFrancesco
00:16 19 Nov 19
I was always afraid of going to the dentist,until i met the staff at Smiles On Queen. It was an amazing experience. They made me feel very comfortable . Dr Norsen made my transition back to a dentist very easy. I would recommend this office to everyone looking for a dentist..Dr Norsen and the rest of the staff are GREAT.
Gregory Harris
Gregory Harris
09:04 05 Dec 19
Family run business, but you wouldn't know it! Very modern, very efficient and the team are great with my 5 year old daughter.
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