How Teeth Grinding Can Compromise Dental Health
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How Teeth Grinding

Can Compromise Dental Health

Bruxism is the medical term for grinding teeth. If you have the habit of clenching or grinding your teeth, then you have the bruxism condition. When done regularly, grinding teeth will have serious effects on your oral health. Teeth grinding may be a result of stress, anxiety or a habit when sleeping. Grinding can also be a result of bite issues, crooked or missed teeth. Sleep problems such as sleep apnea have also been known to cause teeth grinding.

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Signs you grind your teeth

Not everyone knows they grind their teeth. This is more so if the grinding occurs while sleeping. It is important to note that teeth grinding can show up in the form of health problems like persistent headaches and sore jaws when you wake. Your partner may also comment on the issue of grinding your teeth at night.

If you suspect you grind teeth, you need to consult your dentist Nobleton about the issue. Physical examinations can be done to identify bruxism. The sight of excessively worn teeth or extreme jaw tenderness may be attributed to teeth grinding.

Dangers of grinding teeth

Teeth grinding is a habit you have to stop because of its impact on your oral health. Grinding teeth can cause problems like loosening or fracturing of teeth. In extreme cases, you may under-go tooth loss. Over time, teeth grinding will cause them to wear. At one point in time, if you don’t stop the habit, you will need dental treatments such as crowns, bridges, implants and root canals so as to restore the function of the affected teeth. Grinding your teeth can also cause TMD/TMJ disorders.


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301 Queen st south, unit 3c, Bolton Ontario L7E 2B1

Tips to help stop grinding your teeth

The main solution recommended by dentists is the use of mouth guards. The mouth guard is normally fitted to help prevent your teeth from wearing out when you grind your teeth in your sleep.

The secret to stopping the habit of teeth grinding is to understand why you do it. As stated above, there are numerous things that cause the habit. If you grind your teeth because of stress and anxiety, you should talk to a doctor to learn how to cope with the emotional issues. You may need to attend stress counseling or enroll in an exercise program. Don’t be afraid to see a physical therapist.

If grinding your teeth is a result of sleep disorder, treating the disorder can help put an end to the issue. There are many treatments available for treating sleep disorders. The treatments include wearing a CPAP mask.

Making lifestyle changes can also help manage or even deal away with the issue of grinding teeth.

Here are some of the changes you should consider making:

  • Refrain from alcohol consumption
  • Avoid chewing such items as pencils
  • Cut back on the foods and drinks that have caffeine
  • Put the tip of your tongue between your teeth if you notice you that you are grinding your teeth during the day. Doing this will cause the jaw muscles to relax.

Grinding teeth is not a habit you should take lightly. There are many treatments available based on the cause. Talk to your doctor.

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