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Dental Bridge

Missing teeth not only contribute to cosmetic issues but can also bring a host of dental problems. We offer multiple restorative procedures for individuals with missing teeth. Your Smiles on Queen dentist may recommend dental bridges to replace the missing teeth to restore your smile.

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What is a dental bridge

A dental bridge utilizes beautifully designed dental crowns to ‘bridge’ the gap that is left by the missing teeth. They remain an amazing restorative option for patients who wants a fixed (does not need to be removed like a denture) prosthetic treatment, providing there is suitable neighboring teeth to support the prosthesis and proper oral hygiene.

Benefits of dental bridges

  • They help to restore normal teeth functionality and aesthetics. You can chew hard foods, smile and laugh without feeling self-conscious because of a gap.
  • Dental bridges are comfortable, with more natural aesthetics and function versus removeable options
  • Prevents malpositioning of neighboring and opposing teeth into space left by missing teeth
  • Ideal for patients not interested in surgical procedures such as implants to replace missing teeth
  • When designed with beautiful porcelain crowns, dental bridges offer a natural-looking smile. You can finally feel attractive and confident in your smile.
  • The procedure of placing dental bridges is easy and efficient and can be done in just two visits.
  • Dental bridges are one of the affordable restorative dentistry procedures offered at Smiles on Queen. For patients who have lost teeth, it’s considered a durable and affordable option to restore their smile.


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles

301 Queen st south, unit 3c, Bolton Ontario L7E 2B1

What to expect

Before the dental bridge is placed, the dentist will start by preparing the teeth adjacent to the gap. An impression is taken of the prepared teeth, and sent to the lab. In the meantime, a temporary prosthesis will be fabricated and inserted. Multiple, conjoined dental crowns (ie. bridge) are crafted at the lab to look and feel just like your natural teeth. At a second appointment, the finished bridge is then inserted over the adjacent teeth so that they can serve as support for the prosthesis. They are firmly bonded with the remaining adjacent teeth giving you a full and beautiful smile.

At Smiles on Queen, we work closely with our dental lab to ensure that the dental bridges and crowns that are designed for patients are the best quality. Our dental crowns and bridges are made using high quality materials and beautifully customized to match the patient’s remaining teeth. Our dentists will ensure that you have a long lasting, natural-looking smile once the procedure is complete.

Restore the health and beauty of your smile

In just a couple of visits, you can restore the health and beauty of your smile at Smiles on Queen dentist in Bolton. From individuals whose teeth are severely decayed to those with fractures and multiple missing teeth, our restorative dental procedures are designed to give each person a healthy, comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing set of teeth.

Dental bridges will not only restore your smile but can also improve your ability to speak, maintain the shape of your mouth and face while preventing bite alignment issues. Let us help you by performing a restorative treatment that works wonders.

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