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Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is characterized by inflammation of the gums affecting the surrounding bone and gum tissue. Unlike gingivitis, which affects only the gums, periodontitis will cause you to lose the bone that surrounds and supports your teeth, creating mobile teeth, unsightly spaces, diseased gum tissue and tooth loss. Gingival health has also been proven to have a significant relationship to heart health, blood sugar control in diabetics, and preventing premature births in pregnant women.

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Do you need gum disease treatment?

To determine if you are suffering from gum disease, go through the following common signs and symptoms:

  • Swollen, red and tender gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Receding gums that seem to be getting worse with time
  • Loose teeth
  • Pus that is coming out from the teeth and gums
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Bad or metallic taste in the mouth

Although these symptoms may signify a different dental issue, it is important to consult a dentist if you experience any of them.

Unfortunately, many people do not know they have gum disease until the condition has advanced and their oral health has deteriorated. In order to take note of these warning signs and seek treatment, you need to schedule regular visits to your dentist. At Smiles on Queen, we always assess our patients and inform you if we notice any common signs of gum disease. Whether your gums bleed whenever you brush or floss your teeth, or they are swollen and tender, having a dentist provide professional advice can save you from losing your permanent teeth.

Treating gum disease at home

Periodontitis is a complex and multi-factorial disease. Many different factors will affect whether you will be susceptible to acquiring periodontitis, including hygiene, genetics, smoking, diabetes, hormonal changes, the bacterial profile of your individual mouth, and your vulnerability to autoimmune diseases. Once you have gum disease, with proper treatment, you can stop the disease in its tracks and prevent worsening of bone loss. Unfortunately, once the bone is lost, it cannot grow back, so the best you can do is prevent a worsening of the condition.

There are steps that you can take at home in order to reduce the symptoms of gum disease and prevent it from advancing further. For instance, a routine process like brushing and flossing teeth daily will go a long way in preventing gum disease from advancing further. This is because whenever you brush or floss your teeth, you reduce plaque buildup in your mouth. You may also use a mouthwash recommended by your dentist to reduce the bacteria responsible for gum disease and tooth decay.


Quality Dentistry
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Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles

301 Queen st south, unit 3c, Bolton Ontario L7E 2B1

Treatment options for gum disease

At Smiles on Queen Dentistry, we offer a number of treatment options for those suffering from gum disease, depending on the severity of the condition. First, our dentist will evaluate the extent of damage caused by the diseased gum tissue. A full periodontal exam will be completed to evaluate the health of your gums and bones. You may be given local anesthesia to numb the area before treatment begins. Professional cleaning may be done to ensure any calculus (also known as tartar) is properly removed from beneath the gum pockets. Your dentist may also recommend antibiotics or antimicrobials to target the bacteria causing bone destruction.

If you are suffering from advanced gum disease, we may recommend procedures such as tissue regeneration, pocket elimination surgery or laser therapy to restore the damaged tissue.

At Smiles on Queen, we have qualified dentists who offer gum disease treatment. Our dentist will select a treatment option that is best suited for your needs and will restore your dental health.

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Daniel Hardison
Daniel Hardison
14:07 17 Feb 18
I am beyond grateful to the staff at the Smiles On Queen. I until the past 6 months had allowed my health and especially my dental health to rapidly decline. I had avoided the dentist for close to a decade and had a lot of fear, shame and embarrassment regarding the state of my teeth. From the moment I entered the office and furthermore on my call to book my appointment I was met with a degree of compassion and understanding that quite honestly has left me overwhelmed. The care, patience and expertise of the hygienist was extraordinary. Additionally the receptionist was equally as kind and understanding. Thank you - you have done so much for my self esteem - I can smile again without having to worry about the appearance of my teeth. I would highly recommend this office to anyone.
Aaron J. Jones
Aaron J. Jones
08:09 20 Feb 18
I was referred to this office by a friend because they offer IV sedation. I was very anxious at the dentist before but I was able to remove my wisdom teeth and I did not feel pain or discomfort. The dentist Dr. Lawrence was confident and told me what I was to expect afterward in terms of minor swelling and they also told me to come back if I have any problems but I am fine and happy. Overall I am happy this office was able to see me and they are great.
Julia Austerlitz
Julia Austerlitz
16:40 14 Feb 18
This dental office is staffed with some of the best people you will ever meet. First of all I would like to say that I’m really afraid dentists (I think its dentistophobia 😊), I've been to over 5 different ones with the same negative results from all. My mother is a cancer survivor and suggested that I check out her dental I did. I was greeted by a team of fantastic people concerned with nothing but my well being. These people are angels sent here to help others in a time of difficulty, it is, honestly an absolutely amazing place.
phillipa cam
phillipa cam
17:50 26 Feb 18
My experience with both Dr Hung and Dr Norsen has been great and their office staff are very welcoming! I was well informed in details of my treatments and felt safe and secure for them to perform it. Both dentist are very gentle and does a phenomenal job. I was happy with my filling when it was done and I'd recommend these guy to every one. 😄
James Edwards
James Edwards
04:00 26 Feb 18
This was by far one of the best dental experiences I've ever had. I have a huge fear of the dentist and was open about my fears upon arrival. Dr. Norsen was kind, caring and catered to my needs and phobia. I 100% recommend this dental facility. I also felt nothing while receiving my fillings and I'm very hard to freeze and had a lot of work that needed to be done. Over all an awesome experience for the dentist.
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