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Orthodontics for Children

If your child has a biting problem, crooked or crowded teeth, or any other orthodontic problem, it is important to seek professional help as soon as possible. Many orthodontic issues can be reversed and treated, or at the very least, prevented from getting worse–if they are caught early enough. Ideally, every child should have an orthodontic assessment by the time he or she is 7 years of age, when problems are still mostly reversible and the jaw is growing. At this age, your child’s teeth and jaws begin to take position and shape. Our dentists will evaluate factors such as how the teeth are aligned and offer early treatment.

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Visit Smiles on Queen for interceptive treatment

When a child is between the ages of 6 and 10 years old, the dentist may recommend interceptive care in order to reverse crossbites or other jaw or dental malformations.

At Smiles on Queen, we also offer comprehensive treatment once the adult teeth have started erupting. This is usually from the age of 12. From age 12, a number of orthodontic treatments can be recommended such as braces which act by slowly repositioning the teeth and jaws into alignment.

Why orthodontic treatment is important

When kids reach the age of 7, many of them have a combination of baby teeth and adult teeth. It is easier for an orthodontist to perform an evaluation and take note of problems that could be treated early without the need for surgery. Therefore, orthodontics for children allows you to:

  • Correct and guide the development of your child’s permanent teeth
  • Improve your child’s smile by creating more space for crowded teeth
  • Avoid the need to have permanent tooth extractions
  • Correct habits such as thumb sucking and minor speech issues.


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles


Quality Dentistry
Beautiful smiles

301 Queen st south, unit 3c, Bolton Ontario L7E 2B1

Does your child need orthodontic treatment ?

It’s very important to keep an eye for common signs that your child could use orthodontic treatment. At Smiles on Queen, we encourage parents to bring their kids in for regular dental checkups. When you bring your child for a routine checkup at least once every year, we may notice any of the signs below that they may need orthodontic intervention:


  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • Thumb or finger sucking habits
  • Narrow dental arches
  • Chewing and biting problems
  • Mouth-breathing habits
  • Crowded teeth at the front around age seven or eight
  • Misplaced or blocked-out teeth
  • Recessed or protruding jaws
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Biting the cheek or the roof of the mouth
  • Protruding teeth
  • An open bite or open lips at rest
  • Facial asymmetry
  • Clenching or grinding of teeth

Visit Smiles on Queen for an orthodontic evaluation for your child if you notice any of the these symptoms. By seeking early treatment, you can give your child a healthy and beautiful smile later on.

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