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Practical Ways to Maintain

Good Oral Health

Say ‘cheese!’

This is the commonly used confirmation call by many people to tell the camera operator that they are ready for the next picture. The primary reason for saying this word is to make your teeth visible, giving you the appearance of a great smile. Having crooked, stained teeth can cause you to keep your lips shut in social circles. Here are practical tips to help you maintain healthy white teeth.

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5 Practical Ways Are:

1. Never go to bed before brushing your teeth

Any dentist in Bolton recommends that everyone should brush their teeth at least twice daily. Still, most people continue to neglect to brush their teeth at night. Note that ensuring your teeth are clean before you go to bed gets rid of the plaque and germs that accumulate during the day.

2. Use fluoride toothpaste

When choosing toothpaste, there are more important elements to consider not just the cost, flavors, and whitening power. Regardless of the toothpaste brand, you prefer, make sure it has fluoride. This component has come under scrutiny by experts worried about how it affects other areas of human health. However, fluoride remains a mainstay when it comes to oral health.

Note that fluoride strengthens your teeth and makes them resistant to decay. It works by fighting germs that cause teeth decay and offers a protective barrier for teeth. This is the main reason any Bolton dentist recommends the use of toothpaste containing fluoride.

3. Never ignore the power of mouthwash

Most adverts make mouthwash seem an integral part of good oral health, but most people ignore it simply because they don’t know how it works. Mouthwash reduces the acidity level in your mouth, re-mineralizes teeth, and can clean all hard-to-brush areas in and around your teeth and gums. It’s useful as an adjunct tool to bring everything in your mouth into a balance.

4. Brush properly

How you brush your teeth is as important as how often you brush them. Doing a poor job when it comes to brushing your teeth is as bad as failure to brush. Take the time to move the toothbrush in gentle and circular motions to remove the plaque. Accumulated plaque can harden, resulting in calculus buildup and early gum disease – gingivitis.

5. Flossing is important too

Most people who brush regularly ignore flossing. Well, flossing isn’t just about eliminating broccoli particles or the Chinese food fragments that may be stuck in between your pearly whites. It is a way of stimulating your gums, removing plaque, and lowering inflammation of gums. Consider flossing once a day.

6. Drink enough water

According to experts, water remains to be the best beverage for human health and oral health isn’t an exception. It’s recommended to drink water after every meal. In addition to other health benefits, drinking water after each meal washes out the sticky and acidic food particles and beverages.

7. Regular dental visits

Your daily oral habits are essential to your oral health. Even if you are the most dutiful flosser and brusher, you still need to see a dentist at least twice every year.


Quality Dentistry
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Quality Dentistry
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Quality Dentistry
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