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Botox Injection Therapy

At Smiles on Queen family dentist clinic in Bolton, we use Botox as an adjunct treatment for tension headaches, as well as chronic pain from clenching, grinding, and tight facial muscles. If you suffer from constant tension-type headaches due to clenching or severe stress, our experts may recommend Botox as an effective therapy. This non-surgical procedure is done at the dental office, and patients do not require a hospital stay once it is complete. Most patients who get Botox treatment will experience an improvement in muscle tension and pain within the first three days.

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Benefits of Botox Injections for TMJ sufferers

While many people associate Botox treatments with cosmetic practices, recently, these injections have been used as a treatment for TMJ disorders, muscle spasms, and locking jaws. The symptoms of TMD can and must be targeted with a multi-faceted approach, which can include the use of splints, muscle relaxants, jaw exercises, and dietary changes. However, in some cases, patients with TMD and tension headaches do not respond to traditional treatments, and Botox provides a safe and effective alternative.

Here’s what to expect when you get Botox injections from Smiles on Queen:


  • Relief from morning headaches due to teeth grinding while you sleep
  • Eliminating episodes of locked jaws due to muscle spasm
  • Reduction in jaw pain and discomfort when talking or eating
  • Reduction in shoulder and neck pain due to muscle tension
  • Reduced jaw tension
  • A slimmer face shape as a result of continued use

How Botox injections work

Botox injections are designed to alleviate the tension in the jaw muscles. The temporomandibular joint which is situated on both sides of the head is responsible for the movement of the jaws. Because it is a very active joint that is constantly in use when you talk, chew and swallow, the risk of jaw displacement and stress-related tension is high.

TMJ disorders can slowly undermine one’s quality of life if proper treatment or therapy is not administered. Botox has been proven to work effectively by alleviating tension in the muscles of chewing and grinding, making the muscles in your jaw, neck, forehead and temples feel relaxed and at ease. This means that you can forget about the consistent headaches and migraines related to grinding.


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301 Queen st south, unit 3c, Bolton Ontario L7E 2B1

Why Botox Injections?

At smiles on Queen, we recommend Botox injections as an effective treatment for tension-type headaches, clenching, and sore facial muscles, because you can still enjoy normal functioning of your muscles while alleviating their pain. After getting the injections, you can speak, swallow or bite without feeling any pain or discomfort caused by the injections. All these functions remain unaffected. When TMJ disorder is controlled, you can prevent a host of dental problems from occurring later in life.

What to expect when getting Botox injections

When you visit Smiles on Queen for Botox injections, your dentist will start by examining whether you are a good candidate for this form of therapy. Some medications and substances can undermine the effect of Botox treatment; hence the dentist will need to review your medical history first. The injections usually take ten to twenty minutes to be administered depending on the amount you will require. Since it is a short and non-surgical process, the injection is given at the dental office. You can resume normal activity immediately after treatment.

If you have any concerns regarding Botox injection therapy, contact our dental clinic today.

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